Our Services

Our endeavour is to increase the technology delivery of our partner firms. We help them with enhancing their technology teams capability by building high performing teams that works cohesively together to create geographically distributed single team with the same vision and practices that would require minimal cultural shifts. Our focus is primarily on Software development, testing and deployment services activities.

App Development

We have great experience in building successful products, development teams and organisations. We work with our partners to understand their requirement and deliver solutions helping them launch their Apps quickly and gain market traction.

Software Development

We provide dedicated high performing techonologist that clearly fit into the teams vision and skills to reduce risk and increase the deliverable results. We are technology ergnostic and work with the partner firm to ensure that every member inducted in the team has the right skillset and attitude to create value to the team. These services include Software Development, Testing , Test Automation and other automation activities in various technologies based on the need of the partner.

Awesome Support

People working on a product across different location to be working closely and together as a single team with a focussed mission of building scalable product and services. Our pod model helps us to create areas of execellence and also cohesive culture across different geographies.

About us

Apiary means Collection of Beehives; Bees are considered to be the most hardworking. The Hive represents perfection; the hexagonal structure - our model of pods and clusters that work closely with our partners to help them enhance their technology value and objectives.

Our Mission is to create technology capabilities in their products and services with seamless delveries to help our partners grow.

Our Vision is to create world-class technology capability center that would help our partners with cutting-edge technology solutions .

As a firm we are committed on helping technology product companies enhance their capabilities in building product and solutions for their market. we also ensure that our pod model is designed to work closely and cohesively to build a unified team working on across geographies.

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Our Culture is defined by the our people first policy; We want to ensure that our focus on partner growth is aligned with our employ growth. Our policies are build around the need of the people, creating an environment where each inidvidual can grow with us and build a meaningful careers withus. While building a meritrocratic environment we also ensure that office is fun and the we enjoy each other and help each other on our way to individual success and organizational success.

The Team

The Core team of Apiary has vast experience in product development and delivery in various domains and technology. Building world-class technology teams and organizations with the agility to adapt to their partner's need.

Santosh Mammen

CEO & Director

Built and led enterprise product teams for hosptiality & healthcare

Harikrishna Gaura

Chief People Officer

Human Capital Leader with over 14 years of experience

The Development Team

With our vast experience in building successful product development teams and organisations, we think it is important for people working on a product across different location to be working closely and together as a single team with a focussed mission of building scalable product and services.

Our cluster/pod model ensures that the people working on an initiative would create a close cohesive model with the same team dynamics and culture to get the right results.

Our extensive vetting process ensures that highly capable, skilled and smart workforce is part of the pod to deliver the commitment we take. We also work closely with our partners to ensure people assigned to pods are the right fit for the technical capability as well as the culture fit to ensure that the value of the team enhances with the additions.

Contact Us

Regd. Office:

  • Address: Level 2, Agnitio Tech Park, 141, Kandanchavadi, Perungudi, OMR, Chennai - 600096, India.
  • Phone: +91 44 6602 3130
  • Email: info@apiary.com

Development Office:

  • Address: 2nd Floor, 127/24 Kamaraj Nagar, Semmancheri, OMR, Chennai - 600119, India.
  • Phone: +91 44 6602 3130